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Caregiver Chronicles

Course Outline

Module 1 - The Caregiver (Defining the Caregiver)
Module 2 - The Diagnosis (Understanding Your Loved One's Diagnosis)
Module 3 - The Prognosis (Understanding Your Loved One's Possible Recovery/Transitional)
Module 4 - Religious Beliefs (Observing Your Loved Ones Religious Beliefs)
Module 5 - A Healthy Lifestyle (Self-Care for the Caregiver)
Module 6 - The Medical Team (Navigating the Medical Professionals)
Module 7 - Legal Matters (Understanding Advanced Directives, Power of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate/DNR)
Module 8 - The Decision Maker (Knowing Who Will Make Decisions if Your Loved One is Unable to)
Module 9 - Medical Insurance (Understanding Coverage For Your Loved One)
Module 10 - Community Resources (Understanding Community Resources i.e., Meals on Wheels, Transportation, (etc.)
Module 11 - Durable Medical Equipment (Understanding Medical Equipment, Wheelchairs, Walkers, etc.)
Module 12 - When It Is Time For A Caregiver (Knowing the Signs)
Module 13 - Finding A Caregiver (Searching For, Screening and Securing the Caregiver)
Module 14 - Placement For Your Loved One (Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Facility, Board & Care)
Module 15 - Family Dynamics (Challenges, Conflict and Grief)
Module 16 - Home Health (Medical Professionals Visiting The Living Environment)
Module 17 - Hospice (When Your Loved One's Diagnosis is Terminal)
Module 18 - Final Wishes (Planning For Your Loved One's Transition)
Module 19 - Medication (Understanding Your Loved One's Medications)
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